Thursday, December 29, 2005

Book by a BCR contributor

Greetings. On my blog I've written a short review of The Keepsake Storm, book of poems by Gina Franco (published by University of Arizona Press), who has a poem in the Autumn 2005 Blue Collar Review. I recommend the book. The review is here if you care to take a look.

And, while I'm here, check out the article Covered in Oil in the November 16, 2005 issue of Pulse of the Twin Cities (weekly paper published in Minneapolis). The article, by the paper's publisher Ed Felien, gives an insightful history of the Bush family oil business, and takes a close-up look at the family's business dealings with the Nazi government of Germany during the 1930's and 1940's. See also the brief sidebar item to the article, a short personal recollection of Prescott Bush (G.W.'s grandpa) by a man who once worked at an elite club P. Bush belonged to.

Thanks. -- Salud.


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