Monday, October 17, 2005


First, my thanks to Al for the invitation to join the blog.

Since this is my first post here, I'll offer a few links to some of the better websites I've run across related to poetry, literature, art and culture, especially those with strong left-wing and/or working-class leanings.

Pemmican -- one of my favorite poetry magazines, a print annual for a number of years, now online. Great poetry (in the current issue section and in the archive), essays and articles, book reviews, and bits of news that might be of interest. Edited by poet Bob Edwards.

The November 3rd Club -- another online poetry magazine featuring and seeking politically progressive poetry. This one just started up within the past few months, and they're off to a good start so far.

Graphic Witness -- an excellent website of (mostly 20th century) politically progressive visual art. Includes work from various places around the world, and links to other great art websites.

Labor Arts -- another good website of working-class visual art, including historical material and exhibits of featured artwork.

The Marxist Internet Archive -- great online resource of general information and links on Communist, Socialist, and generally left-wing politics, ideas, history, literature and art. Though there's no such thing as true neutrality in the real and political world, this website doesn't push any one political slant too heavily within the overall range of left-wing politics, they cover a pretty wide spectrum.

The Modern American Poetry website at the U. of Illinois -- though at times a little on the dry academic side -- is in my opinion the best overall website for 20th century American poetry in general. It includes the best webpage devoted to the life and work of poet Tom McGrath, and is the only online source I've found for any substantial information on many of the Proletarian poets of the 30's and '40's. Each poet page in the site includes links to related material, and usually some sample poems.

Finally here, maybe I could be permitted to include a link to my own blog website, A Burning Patience. As I noted in the first post in the blog last spring, I'm using it to talk about poetry and related things. ("Related things" can obviously cover quite a range.) The blog also has a large number of links to other websites I've found: poetry, art, literature, politics, whatever I've found on the web that I think might be of interest to people.

That's all at the moment. Salud --