Sunday, October 16, 2005


From time to time, I or a few others may add to our commentary between issues. The hard drive on our computer recently ground to it's death and a new one has been installed. While much was lost, fortunatley much was saved. Meanwhile we are rebuilding.

Along with writing, our staff and writers are activists. I was pleased to meet up with Chris Butters, one of our longstanding supporters and contributors, at the anti-war rally in Washington D.C.. It was upon his suggestion that this section was added to our website. As for the rally, though ignored or played down by the corporate/state media, it was immense. I believe that it was close to 300,000 strong with people from every part of our country represented. It is gratifying to see so much sanity in our society. Even here, in Norfolk Virginia -- a conservative area, we had two busloads for the trip. We have since had a visit from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and a packed theater to hear her followed by workshops on media activism. It appears that progressive activism is on the rise and that gives us hope for a way out of our present morass.

Along with commentary, we also hope to post book reviews and links. Recently I came across Swan's Commentary and thought I'd share that valuable resource. They provide reviews of progressive literature, though not poetry specifically. Other links to working class literature are welcome and some can already found on the main page of our website.