Friday, August 29, 2008

Contest Winners!

The winning poets in our annual Working People's Poetry Competition have been chosen. The winning poem is "Mona Lisa Works the Service Industry" by Kent Newkirk. He is the recipient of the $100.00 prize. Choosing a winner was especially arduous as the entries this year were of very high quality! We subsequently have two runners up. They are, "Slag" by Kathleen Hellen and "Dedication: Campaign" by Benjamin Balthaser. Winner and runners up win a one year subscription as well as online posting for one year.

These winning poems will appear in the next issue of the Blue Collar Review which is in progress. Though we are a couple of hundred dollars short of what it will take to get this issue out, we remain determined to do so and hope, with the support of our readers, to have it out by the third week of September.