Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New from Partisan Press

We are proud to be able to publish A Possible Explanation by Peggy Sapphire. This is a powerful collection, as Myra Shapiro says; "In Peggy Sapphire's poems the personal becomes political, a circle turning from home beyond to the world and back "I'm part of history now/that's my job." These poems never let us forget injustice; they insist on our caring, on what was once called the good fight. Yet the intellect is not without the power of the senses just as world events are not without the importance of where we came from read "The Art of Making an Omelette" to catch the ever-present activist, watcher, listener, taster, lover at her delicious best: "take big bites," You will be nourished, fed seasoned love and cultural history at a generous table." This attractive flat-spined collection is a bargain at $12.00 --