Monday, December 14, 2015

A Lasting Gift of Sanity and Inspiration

In this season of giving, you have no doubt been accosted by every cause and charity imaginable. There was "Black Friday" and "Giving Tuesday" -- matching gifts, and desperate pleas up the wazoo. I've always wondered why the begging is upped when the majority of us are most stretched to the limit. I realize that giving now ups the annual take for charities and organizations but for working stiffs and those of us for whom jobs are but a memory, the timing is unrealistic.

For this reason, our press -- which relies on your support and exists on a the tattered remains of a shoestring, waits until after the holidays to beg. That said, there is a way you can support us while easing your own guilt ridden burden of giving gifts while also doing your part to heal the diseased mindset that plagues our nation.

Consider giving subscriptions of the Blue Collar Review! For a measly $20.00 you can buy a loved one, friend or co-worker inspiration and sanity that will last an entire year! Not only that, you'll be helping to sustain the best if not only journal of Progressive Working Class Literature and, if you are a worker-poet, one of the few venues for your own work.

The best way to do this, given the time, is to email us with the information and gift subscribee info. I will send you an invoice you can pay with your plastic and mail you a gift certificate you can give (first class) as our journal, which is in the process of production, will probably not be out before Xmas -- and even if it was, it's taking three to six weeks to get to many of you due to the undermining of our Postal Services.


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