Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Money is not something we like to write about or harp on but its necessity is undeniable in keeping our journal in print. This is our annual fundraising season and the next issue of our journal will have an insert asking for support. As we begin to put that issue together, we are looking at a tight squeeze for supplies and mailing costs.

Ours is a worker supported press which has survived nearly 15 years on the dedicated efforts and generosity of those who find our mission of publishing progressive working class literature important. For much of that time I made up the shortfall but I've been relegated to surplus citizen status and no longer have the resources. Partisan Press is a 501(c)3 charity, thus any donations you make are tax deductible which can be advantageous as a tax write off to some. I know these are hard times but I believe the times call for the kind of class awareness and solidarity that comes with working class literature. Consider setting aside a bit of your tax refund to support our efforts. This is a collective, volunteer effort and every cent counts. The bourgeoisie have the Koch brothers and Rubert Murdoch to pump out anti-worker distorted culture. All we have is each other to make our own voices heard. We hope to keep going for the indefinite future and would like to expand our efforts, publishing anthologies and collections of vital work but that depends on the support we receive.

Checks can be sent to Partisan Press, P.O. Box 11417 Norfolk VA 23517. Thank you in advance.


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