Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Importance of Your Support of Progressive Culture

For those that subscribe, have been published, or otherwise receive the Blue Collar Review, you should be seeing it in your mailbox within the next few days. The mailing went out on Friday. We are usually fairly prompt about getting the journal out before the change of season. This issue was delayed by financial difficulties. Partisan Press is a small, hands-on worker run press, as such, we are subject to the vagaries that plague our class. In this case, your editor who underwrites shortfalls in funding has been layed-off. Certainly this is not the first or last time this has happened and we have stubbornly survived but we can not do it without your support. Unity and solidarity are the strength of our class, so too with this collective effort to publish the best and most powerful poets and writers of our working class. This issue comes out thanks to the combined efforts of loyal supporters to whom we are thankful. Those supporters include John Crawford, Robert Edwards, Maggie Jaffe, Lyle Daggett, and Chris Butters.

Our journal remains unique in its focus and presentation of Progressive Working Class Literature and plays an important vanguard role in ensuring that this vital truth-speaking literary work is seen by others. If you are inspired by what you read on our site and in our pages and realize the important role culture has on our social consciousness, join these Partisans of Working Class culture in supporting this effort. This can be done online via our website our though our mailing address. Thanks again for the solidarity that keeps us going!


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