Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recommended Reading

I am fortunate to have recieved to new books from the talented working class poet, Lyle Daggett. Daggett's writing shows the influence of Meridel LeSueur but has a delicacy and sensitivity of its own. He is a master of lyrical, descriptive poetry. The poems in these collections have a way of placing the reader in the scene painted on an emotional level. The collection "What is Buried Here" published by Red Dragonfly Press is available on-line with a sample poem. There is a good review online Here

The other collection, "The Idea of Legacy" published by Musical Comedy Edtions (5136 Lyndale Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55419) at a very affordable $8.00 is, I feel the stronger collection. This is Daggett at his best, connecting the personal and political in an intimate, lyrical, and powerful way. In this collection he shows the full range of his voice. It is clear that he is one of our class's most talented and strongest poets and I give this collection our highest recommendation. Do yourself a favor and get it.


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Thanks so much, Al.

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